Thursday, January 12, 2012


I feel like crap (somewhat suddenly and without warning+), which would usually be okay with it being all almost tomorrow and thus time for sleeping ...

... except my laser-like skill of ALWAYS SEEING THE STUPID COCKROACH~ just kicked in, and I now feel extra crappy after chasing a bug around my living room until it was dead under one of my many shoes that I leave strewn around the apartment for just such a reason.^ So this is me drinking some of that immunity-boosting nonsense and eating crackers and hope that I can fall asleep soon and not think about the fact that I was going to wear those shoes tomorrow."

*Not actually awesome. This is called sarcasm, and readers of the blog should be familiar. If not, please leave now - this will just be confusing.

+This is totally not without warning. I normally snack constantly at my desk, but haven't for the past three days. My body is probably shutting down completely without the extra calories.

~A blessing and a curse: I know the suckers are dead, but thus can't fool myself into thinking that mine is the only apartment in Houston where they don't live. (Also I can't rest

^Nope. There are just too many of them to care. There are six pairs in this room alone, including the cowboy boots on the opposite couch.

"Psh. Not now, I won't.


Anonymous said...

I should apologize. You leave shoes around from me. There is nothing wrong with having shoes, whether they are lined up in the bedroom (next to the dresser, like mine) or sitting in your living room. If your Dad, tripping over my shoes, hadn't taught me to put my shoes somewhere out of his way, my shoes would be in the kitchen, right now . . .
Hannah's Mom

Travis said...

3 things:

1) I am amused by your use of footnotes.

2) I hate cockroaches! (Especially when I find them in the shower. *shudder*)

3) Sorry you're feeling bad; feel better.