Friday, January 20, 2012

come on out here pineapple

This morning I was thinking about the guy that I always used to see at the bus stop, every workday morning for months. One day he couldn't find his card and didn't have any change, so he asked me to borrow a dollar "because I see you here everyday." I agreed, so of course this was the last time I ever saw him. I'm sure there's any number of rational reasons why he would disappear from my morning routine, but I prefer to see it as the weirdest long con ever.

I came into work this morning to find thank you cards from two of my BCPE kids. One thanked me for helping her find her halo once when it was lost. Sometimes you know why you do what you do. :)


will said...

I love everything about this post.

Anonymous said...

It's the little moments that make you feel good!
Hannah's Mom

Hannah said...

I still think about that long con ALL THE TIME at bus stops. I think that means it was a dollar well spent, regardless of the outcome.

If I can find that card while cleaning out the Grace office, it may gain a frame and a place on the George office wall.