Thursday, February 09, 2012

"tech-annual" is not the right phrase, as linguistically that implies I only do this once per year...and we know what a laugh that is, right?

How have I not yet posted about needing happy thoughts for tech week? Probably because it wasn't on my to-do list.

* My 11 a.m. Vitamin C drop. Seriously. (My nine year old self just died a little.)

* The NYE helium balloons that are still in my office, even if they're deflating more and more.

* CMS sending me that pack of Doctor Who minifigs. (I'll send you my spare Cyberman.)

* Tonight I get to go home to a DVR full of classic movies, 30 Rock, and Project Runway. Also, bed.

* Oh, campfire spork, you know I love you most of all.


will said...

--"The Vitamin C Drop" should be an MMA finishing move. "Ohhhh, he's executing the Vitamin C Drop! His opponent won't survive this!!"

--When your NYE balloons finally hit the ground, you should have champagne, throw confetti, and yell until Ric comes down the hall to see if everything is okay in your office.

--Is that a spork made out of campfire? Forged in campfire? What the what?

--Remember, each day that you DON'T kill someone is either A) one more day of tech that is now BEHIND you, or B) one day closer until you finally do snap and murder someone. Either way, you're closer to being done with tech.

--Best Picture Showcase is coming!

--Christ loves you, and so do we.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the Vitamin C drop is the high point of my day.
Hannah's Mom