Friday, February 17, 2012

You can take or leave it./This is who I am. (REPEAT.)

Songs I've had a hard time moving past this week:

* Little Big Town - Boondocks: (In fact, I'm listening to it right now. I went back to make sure I had the right artist, and then I couldn't stop myself from playing the whole thing.) I don't know, I guess the vague Midwest overtones of the song drive deep down to my Missouri soul. I also dig the four part harmony, as would any ex-high school choir member.

* Dixie Chicks - Lullabye: This makes me want to pick up guitar again. Also, spin in circles. (Possibly both at once, but I'd have to work up to that.)

* Dar Williams - Cold Missouri Waters: Not only is this one of the more depressing songs on my player, but it's also on my list of "songs I have to listen to at least three times in a row before moving along." Yet, I can't get enough of the fire, and dying, and thirteen crosses high above the cold Missouri waters. [Fun fact: I have absolutely no idea why I would've originally downloaded this song.]

* Spring Awakening - Don't Do Sadness/Blue Wind: I really have no desire to see Spring Awakening, but goodness! The strings! The orchestrations! Lovely! Also, (when I am in a location where it would not be awkward) I enjoy belting along with the lead singer his "YOU KNOW! I don't do SADDDDDD-NEEEEE-ESS!" Oh, little emo boy.


David Shane said...

Didn't know you played guitar.

Hannah said...

Only sort of a little. My previous roommate and I both bought guitars at the same time, but she was definitely more up on practicing that I was/am. Maybe that's something I'll pick up again during my show slot off? (A girl can dream.)