Thursday, March 22, 2012

as they are in fact downers

Second graders really don't care about what stage managers do, except when it means they get to play with light and sound buttons. This shouldn't surprise anyone, but boy was the point hammered home by the time we reached the third group during today's workshop.

I wish I had more reasons to make stenciled tshirts, as it's really quite simple (well, pending the pattern), and I love peeling off the paper to reveal the crisp edges. Love, love, love that.

My brother earned major brownies points today not only by sending me a just-because package, but also for the enclosed note talking about how you can never have enough packages...unless they contain human fingers.

I, like the rest of the world, love streaming CDs before choosing to purchase them, and thus have spent the afternoon (such as I've been in the office) with the dulcet folk tones of songs to kill children by. Thanks, internet.

Also thanks: I just entered a contest for a trip to London (as you do) ... for a trip next week. I'm sure I'm not doing anything important like Easter rehearsal and such.

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