Friday, March 16, 2012

94% at 6:03

There's a song in my head, but I can't remember the artist ... or any of the lyrics ... or much of the music. It's basically the same three bars on loop. (Also, the music video is really depressing - an older guy who always sees the same older woman in a laundromat, but never hast he courage to talk to her - until he finally goes to her apartment and finds out she passed away.) HELP.

I probably did not help the situation last night by coming out to the lobby, bursting into laughter, and yelping "HA! That's awesome!" in front of the crowd stuck on either side of the off-its-hinges glass lobby door. (This is why I quickly took over box office to help the successful who were already inside.)

Golfish Pretzels take nearly everything I love out of Goldfish crackers. I speaking, of course, about cheese.


will said...

Back in summer stock, my favorite day of the week was always deli day. Most of the company saw it as a cop-out for the company cook, but I loved making my own sandwich for lunch. They were always two-layered and they always featured every type of meat and cheese that were available. While I suppose the illusion of control may have been part of the appeal of deli day, I'm pretty sure I just liked the giant meaty, cheesy sandwiches.

You ever notice how the only reason you watched a lot of cartoons that you watched regularly as a child was that they were on? I can remember a lot of shows I watched all the time that I can't really recall actually liking. Shirt Tales comes to mind. Wacky Racers is another.

For obvious reasons, we never have popcorn at my house. This means that, on the rare occasion I DO get to eat popcorn, I eat entirely too much.

will said...

Furthermore, the Japanese trailer for The Avengers features Gwyneth Paltrow. I don't understand why the studio felt the need to keep her appearance in the film a secret to American audiences.

Anonymous said...

You should eat the pretzel goldfish with cheese wow.... That should solve your problem with them and it would be tasty.