Wednesday, May 02, 2012

I don't care that there's now a separate spot to add a post title. I'm going to keep using the one bit of HTML programming that I know to make this line appear like it does.

I'm still at work for a couple of reasons, though none of them are that it's weird to have a show tonight that I don't have to stay here to run. (This is such a good thing, I cannot even express it.)

At this point, I'm still here because (1) the internet is slow, and things I wanted to take care of during the day haven't been accomplished yet and (2) I was gifted a large mug of Butterbeer (oh, the sweet caramel literary-inspired goodness), and I'm not going to let it go to waste (or sit in a spot where actors will drink it instead of me. The jerks.)

"Jerk" seems to be my insult of the moment, which I guess bears documenting. I don't know; I'm full of sugar right now, I fly to Missouri in a week, see "The Avengers" at midnight tomorrow, and I was handed Cardinals tickets for this weekend to go with my Butterbeer. This is either the universe apologizing for my often stressful 27th year, or wishing me an extra special early 28th.

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