Sunday, July 01, 2012

Happiness is [something I've lost track of lately.]

I don't know what it's been with this show -- whether I've never fully bounced back from my long run of shows, or aren't as sharp after taking vacation, or a lovely combination of both -- but I've felt off my game during the rehearsals of this show. Let me tell you, that's a shaky place to stand as a stage manager. (Also, anyone who has seen me these past two or so weeks: sorry I've been an un-fun, sleepy ball of stress.)

Instead of that: things over the past month that have brought me happiness:

* Bacon. (I mean, it should always be on lists like this, but there's something that explodes with joy when I eat bacon after a rough rehearsal.)

* Whenever a friend listened to me work through my frustrations, sent a cheery text message, passed along a music recommendation, asked if I needed dinner, took me to dinner, and many other things. (I hope none of you took it personally when I just wanted to be left alone, also, whatever your best intentions. Sorry that I sometimes need to be hermit to like people again.)

* Delayed birthday presents: I am so okay with this. I mean, I don't want them all to be delayed, but they're a fun pop-up a month later.

* The country western version of the Star Wars cantina song toward the end of the movie "Paul" - the best part of an otherwise whatever movie. (Excuse me while I remember to check itunes to see if it's available for download.)

* Running in the rain Saturday on the way to the theater. Related: knowing I had a change of clothes waiting for me at the theater.

* The hot water pressure magically working again in my kitchen. Okay, so it wasn't magic - friendly apartment workman Jose fixed it, as he has many other things at the complex. He also left behind a small mess, as he has many other times. (I like to think of me cleaning up after his repair as taking part in the process.)

* The begonias someone else left to die by the street, roots exposed and drying, that now live in my office - you're one of the best things I've ever found on the sidewalk.

* Nicknames.

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Hannah said...

Also a thanks to my hot water working properly again: my dishwasher now lives up to its name again. (How much of an adult am I? There may have been happy dancing when I opened the dishwasher door and saw gleaming bowls.)