Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tomorrow: six years
Things about Texas:

* You develop opinions about guacamole and queso.

* You learn to live with humidity reappearing in February.

* "Winter" is the magical time when you start to wear a jacket--a light jacket.

* The metro is the friend to the friendless. (Actually, the car-less.)

* If you haven't jumped in a pool by the end of May, you're wasting your life. (See also: go to Galveston on your Monday off, take the NASA tram tour, and free museum Thursday)

* Much like other circumstances where only the people closest to a subject are allowed to disparage it, you now are allowed to hate on the Astros.

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longerthoughts said...

I was thinking, after moving to (southern) Michigan, that winters here aren't "bad" so much as "they exist". Verses St. Louis, say, where you're almost guaranteed some 70 degree weather in January, and snows are far between and quickly melt away. Neither of those things are true here - but it isn't bitterly cold, and you aren't buried under 40 feet of snow. Winter just "exists".

In Texas, however...