Thursday, November 01, 2012

Costumes that didn't work out:

Because I'm such a visual person, I have a whole file on my computer of inspiration pictures of Halloween costume ideas. One or two have actually happened (I finally deleted my Mary Poppins folder a few months ago), but most are possibilities from the past or for the future that haven't managed to happen yet. [And some that didn't even make it to the picture stage, they were dropped so quickly.]

Kaylee - Oh, Firefly's Kaylee. I've been thinking about putting together this costume for, oh, five years? I'm probably one decent-priced jumpsuit away from going crazy on this one. Really, that's the only big hang up, seeing as I probably have everything else already in my closet.

Zombie Jane Austen - I ended up being Mary Poppins instead.
This was probably a good swap.

River Song as Cleopatra - This was my plan for last year, but then nobody had a party. I liked that it meant I got to be a Doctor Who character ... who is disguised as a real historical figure that I wouldn't have to explain to anyone. (Those in the know would've appreciate the exploding TARDIS Van Gogh print, I bet.)

Lady Sif - The same time I wasn't Cleo/River Song, I also wasn't part of a four person team of Thor's friends, Lady Sif and the Warriors Three. The best part was the boots with wings - I wish I could have those for real life. (I also wish they were acceptable for wear in real life.)

Liz Lemon - How did this not happen this year? Surely all I needed to do was print a ID badge and buy a bag of Spanish language cheese twists. I blame work schedule for preventing even that small effort.

River Song from 'Angels Take Manhattan' - I have pearl earrings and the hat. That's as far as I got. [I really just want to be River Song. Who doesn't want to rock heels, shoot bad guys, and banter with the Doctor.]

Miss Congeniality - Would it surprise you to know that I have a sparkily full-length gown in my closet? Any year that I actually put together a costume, this has been my backup if the Plan A doesn't work out. I mean, why not - all I'd need is to borrow a gun from the theater's prop shop and make a sash, and I'm ready to be Sandra Bullock.

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Sarah Ann said...

I like these ideas. I wish I had a running list of ideas. Now, that I'm watching Dr. Who we should get a group together for a costume next year. I'd get myself a red wig and go as Amy.