Saturday, November 10, 2012

Things I probably don't need to keep in my wallet:

* The Continental Airlines wings I gained in 2006 [post 2006 London trip]

* a book of one cent stamps (when all the other stamps are own are forever stamps)

* an address that I later found out was incorrect

* a one-day Missouri fishing license

* a small rubber snake

* that Staples gift card I've magically *not* spent in the past two years

* A receipt from two months ago that has a midly funny quote on it.

* All those pennies. I mean, really.


checkoutliblady said...

I would take the rubber snake as mine got accidently hacked to pieces but a 4th grader who thought he was doing me a favor. Or he was much more scared of snakes than he admitted to me.
Hannah's Mom & school librarian

Travis said...

I think you should keep the rubber snake. Never know when that might come in handy.