Thursday, January 31, 2013

$5000 ham napkin
Things that shouldn't matter, but do: if I have to turn in this DVR, that means the end of 2011 Game 6 goes with it. (Also, who knew I still had all 4+ hours of game five against the Nationals still saved? Certainly not me! Who is surprised that I sat and watched the last fifteen minutes when we came from behind to win the whole thing - also not me....)

There is so much afoot right now, and I just can't even. Apartment hunting, Stupid Adulthood Decisions, and the end of 30 Rock: my goodness. I'm gonna eat my feelings in the form of a large pizza.

[Side note: I am pretty good right now, for the record. I just hate dealing with decisions that have no clear-cut solutions. My brain refuses to see it as "then anything could work fine!" and flips into overdrive trying to find the item with the most flaws.]


David Shane said...

Where are you moving?

Hannah said...

Still somewhere in Houston. (Or maybe I'll decide to be financial stupid and not at all.)