Wednesday, January 23, 2013

...and then I realized it was quarter-'til-eleven and I hadn't eaten dinner yet

Don't worry, Mom. I ate a lot of Goldfish crackers today. BUNCHES. Anyway, on to the usual bullet list, eh?

* Note to self: redo fingernail polish before Saturday, as a small sign to the stage mothers of the world that I can keep myself together [and disguise the fact that I will spend all summer chomping my nails off from stress].

* Taking a day off in the middle of the work week is fantastic. (Even if I was still dipping into emails, just in case.)

* Lunch dates are even more fantastic, especially when they involve four extra people you didn't expect to see, and a baby. Babies are great. [Technical side note: let me qualify "babies are great" with the proviso of " long as they don't have to stick with me full time." Sorry, um, all my friends with kids. Your kids are great, know.]

* Oh, show. I think I only watch you because I can predict the plot points before they happen, and then I feel good about myself.

* Excuse me while I go eat, well, anything with higher nutritional value.

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checkoutliblady said...

The Monkey can always come to visit me, anytime.
Hannah's Mom