Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"It even tastes purple"

Two years ago I moved into this apartment. Ironically, my current dishevelment matches a lot of that first day's disaster. (On the plus side, I did *not* have a two-show--or even one-show--day today on top of moving. What were you thinking, twenty-six year old Hannah?) I'm slightly more in flux this time around, though I suppose I could crank the Les Miz whenever I finally get to put everything back to rights again.

Today I bought new flowers for the annual "enjoy them until they inevitably die from heat" tradition, but they looked so lonely and in need of rescuing from not getting enough water. Don't worry, little begonias and petunias and whatever-the-third-was, I'll happily love you.

Also, I got a free purse, two packs of Jammie Dodgers, and the cutest little Thor action figure that ever went on clearance. Such a good day.

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