Friday, March 15, 2013

[this may or may not turn extensive]

* I almost like the deleted scenes from "Pirate Radio" more than the movie itself. (This is not actually an update, unless you wanted to know what cheered me up this evening: if you are sad, you won't be after watching the "Stay With Me" deleted scene ... unless you've never seen the movie before and thus won't understand the scene at all.)

* My apartment was only a flooded swampy for about a day and a half, and hot water magically came back a few days ago (though sometimes with questionable pressure). The complex is apparently still working on bids for the actual plumbing fix (seriously?), but will move me if the construction is going to be too disruptive to my world. For now, though, I'm supposed to keep stuff moved out of the way in case the temporary fix springs a leak again and my closet again returns to a bayou. (I think I'm going to adjust a little, now that I know we're not right in the middle of construction, as there is literally a bookcase on my bed.)

* In other "I'll need a vacation in April" news, we're one week out from Winter TAA performances and two weeks out from Easter, which means my production side gets to overtake my life for the rest of the month. It's weird to be out of practice in generating tech tracking paperwork. Also weird: coming into a project with only three weeks to go, fitting an entire rehearsal process into two weeks, and something thinking the character name "Queenan" would make sense to anyone. Two dress runs tomorrow with teenagers! What fun!

* I wanted to write a post about my favorite movie composers and bits of score and etc. after a conversation I had around Oscars-time, but then life happened and I never got it written and now it just floats in my brain when I should be thinking about other things. (this would've been featured, if that's informative) [Also this, and probably this for completely different reasons, now that I'm trolling.

* Don't trust Thick Kevin on anything.

* Daylight savings is still messing with my head, as I feel like I could be awake for another three hours, and seven a.m. is gonna feel like death.

* This post needs some Thomas Newman. The man still doesn't have an Oscar, he might as well get some love here.


Melissa said...

Are you actually taking a vacation in April or just dreaming of one?

Hannah said...

It might just be a dream ... or it might coincide with whenever I'm back in a fully fixed apartment so I can put everything back into place again.

Tell Drew you have to go to the store, but instead go to Texas. It's practically the same thing.

Melissa said...

Lol he said it would be a good long weekend trip for us to drive down. Nothing seems like that long of a trip after driving to California.