Saturday, March 02, 2013

[that moment where something that caused you a certain amount of anxiety proves to work out exactly in such perfect detail that it stops your breath]

I love walking in the city at night, and I love that I live somewhere where I feel okay doing so (even if at times it's only to go to the corner Walgreens for milk). Even better was tonight picking up on the scent of smoking wood from somewhere, bringing together the best of the country [I love a fire at night -- and not for the pyro-reasons you might be thinking] with the lights of the city.

If someone were to open up some sort of restaurant with a fire pit enhanced outdoor seating somewhere in within walking distance of my apartment, I would never eat at home again.


Travis said...

I remember a great many nights spent sitting around a campfire with my scout troop growing up. I think I can relate to your love of fire at night.

checkoutliblady said...

It may all go back to the wood stove we heated with in Kirksville when you were a baby. There is nothing like a fire. The light and heat draw us to it every time.
Hannah's Mom

Sarah Ann said...

Um, I think the hip pub, The West End at Yorktown and Westheimer has outdoor fire pits (or at least a flaming fountain). Maybe we should walk down there some night.