Sunday, August 11, 2013

Life, right now.
I'm enjoying this new channel that randomly showed up, and happens to be airing Farscape from the beginning. Starting this week. Opa!

Oh, hey there, week old creamy jalapeno dip! Why, yes - you are trying to kill me with your concentrated, built-up power. I was gonna save you to marinate chicken, but I think I'm gonna eat you tonight instead. (I'm not at work tomorrow - I can stay up until 2pm.)

I've spent the last couple of weeks slowly working my way through both 'Spaced' (over work lunches) and 'Slings And Arrows.' Neither show had a long run, and I'm gonna be so sad when I finish one. Then the other.

I was gonna run to Walgreens for some milk (and to take advantage of a free rental), but instead I sat online while a Broadway composer I love had a live webchat for whoever wanted to sit in. Sometimes I love technology.

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Anonymous said...

I miss creamy jalapeno dip. Sigh. I would be GLAD to eat some right now!
Hannah's Mom