Monday, August 26, 2013

the end of a thing
(As in, the quote often used in the booth the past two months: "Well, that was a thing.")

THURSDAY - Not gonna lie, I was stressed to the point of wishing I could just sit in a corner and cry. (I didn't, so I guess that's good.) Instead found out my favorite stagehand is a Braves fan ... and was watching the Cards/Braves game on his phone between cues.

FRIDAY - Only two things stand out from the show: One, the curtain getting caught on the tree was my favorite part of the show, or--more accurately--the subsequent rush of stagehands to rescue the curtain (though I decided after the show that if such a thing had happened in the first act, I would've deemed the show cursed - it taking place mid-Act 2 just made it funny). Two, I never truly saw the bat flying around backstage - all I saw was something dark move quickly and highly above the dressing room hallway, with just enough time to think "WHY are they throwing things BACKSTAGE?! - standby light cue 267." Somebody trapped it in the conference room, which is how the actors lost their green room part way through the evening. I should've stayed around to watch the stagehand recover the bat (this somehow involved throwing a towel), but I wanted to reset props instead.

SATURDAY - Shoot. What do I even remember about Saturday's show? [I really only wrote this so I could remember the bat forever.] Um... my darling mess, D., spinning like a frakking dervish in the wings before entering calmly in-character. The Miller staff being happy I restocked the Butterfingers in the candy jack-o-lantern. Offering headset high-fives to the light and sound folk after the storm sequence. Finally feeling coordinated at pressing three headset buttons and the deck crew light switch at the same time (that's a big one). After the show, the Miller staff asked to keep my contact info on file, and the same crying actress hugged me three times.

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