Tuesday, April 22, 2014

tech week, day two: all my fingernails are chomped
It's after ten p.m., I'm singing along to 'Moulin Rouge' while working on an Excel spreadsheet - is this junior year all over again?

(Um, please join me using this somewhat illegal method.)

My first real injury of tech week* occurred today when I banged my knee sliding down a fireman pole. Fortunately this was not the swinging vine from "The Jungle Book" all over again, as I'm pretty sure my knee will heal and not creak when the weather changes from now on, as compared to my left pinky. [In other news, the set has a fireman pole.]

*strike/load-in doesn't count ... unless it's a wickedly good injury


Marcia Smith said...

What show are you working on? Hannah's mom

Melissa said...

I now need to find that cd and put it in my car for my drive to Fulton on Monday aka the next time I will be in the car alone so I can sing along :)

Hannah said...

Mamita, I'm working on the superhero show for the children's theater. (I've pulled my cape out of the closet in anticipation of opening!)

Angelfish, sometimes I miss having access to a car purely for singing while driving purposes. :)

Hannah said...

(Sometimes I re-read my old posts. Deal.)

Dear past self,
Which knee was it? Because your left knee is not very friendly anymore, and I kinda wonder if it's related to this event three years ago.
All the best (for obvious reasons),
Current self