Sunday, June 07, 2015

"Would Brian Stokes Mitchell be singing by now? ... If I'm actually on Eastern time, maybe?"

I've spent a lot of the past week thinking back to a year ago. I could probably do this more frequently (we keep solid enough calendars that I could figure out what paperwork was stressing me out when), BUT it's a lot more interesting to think back on the milestones.

It was a Big Deal Week, in a number of ways. It wasn't on the floor level (someday perhaps, young self), but I was still there - sitting at the Tony Awards. We saw two of the year's big winners. The side of my brain that also geeks about music still cannot believe that I own the recordings of casts I saw live. I've been obsessed with Forbidden Broadway since 1998 (thanks Lion King-Napster-Ragtime/Gagtime), and finally made it to the mylar curtain.

We got to hang out with people I hadn't seen in years, and let them help us feel a little like locals. My brother met people who were (and still are) important to me - whether in 315, S Office, or weaved throughout my ADP career.

And, all the ways it was a Smith Sibs trip - Caleb hanging out with the paparazzi after Letterman (which is why he has better Jackman pictures), taking notes on what comics I should be reading, checking out the children's literature exhibit at the NYPL, him falling asleep in the [outdoor] line for Shakespeare in the Park. Above all, not wanting to murder him part way through (making it a step up from London '09).

I [mostly] don't feel the need to live in NYC anymore. My own city has theater and museums and parks that I don't have time to see, and I expect it would be the same there. Fun to visit for a goof-off week of the best of theater? Yes, please, always.

Gonna finish my Tony homework for this year (I have about twenty minutes left of On the Town), cook some grilled cheese, and watch this year's telecast - minus heels.

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Checkoutlady said...

So fun to read your stories! Traveling with a Sib is great! Just ask my sister!
Hannah's Mom