Monday, September 07, 2015

Previously plans to run around today canceled because I keep injuring myself and I'd rather do that indoors today, thanks.

In related news: the multi-bandage configuration on my foot makes it look way worse than it is. In related-related news: we need to buy a roll of gauze for the first aid kit for the next person with a cut several inches long so they don't have to Frankenstein something together.

Reviews for the show keep popping up, and happily they're all positive so far. (Also, from my side of things: this is holding true.)

Am I now going to spend my holiday putting together a spreadsheet for what to tape in the new television season? Maybe. (Yes.)

1 comment:

Sarah Cooksey said...

I like the idea of a spreadsheet. I would be curious to see what all you plan to record. ;)