Tuesday, June 28, 2016

(Well, *that* post sat there for awhile. Also, why is it now the end of June? Who authorized *that?*)

Right now I have an amazing bruise. Pictures don't do it justice. It's a couple inches wide in all directions, a symphony of blues and purples - except for a line of pink across the top center, right where the bench that caused my fall also plowed into my skin. Careful icing over the past day finally knocked down the swelling, though it still feels nice since the whole blotch is that combination of solid lump / tender to the touch that you get with some injuries.

[For the sake of my mother, who I can tell just wants to know what happened to her daughter: we had auditions last night, and I left a bench used in the current Mainstage show on the ground next to the stage to use as a quick step up and down. (You can already see where this is going, but I'll continue.) In stepping down mid-way through the night, life suddenly went into slow motion as the bench tipped forward under my foot. I had enough time to think "Oh. I'm falling. Why am I still falling?" before clocking into the ground. Physics and geometry met up to beat up my left leg by landing the bench *and* my full weight on my lower calf.]

I look forward to all the shades of blue to follow. Also, to forever being a story told by the two company actors onstage at the top - that time Hannah fell off the stage and immediately walked away to continue being a stage manager. (Not included in this story: the minute I spent doubled over in pain in a corner of the theater before nonchalantly returning to the lobby where no one knew I'd fallen.)


Marcia Smith said...

It hurts just to think about it!
Hannah's mom

Hannah said...

I measured for posterity's sake - approximately 4 1/2 inches wide and tall at the furthest points. So, ouch.