Thursday, July 07, 2016

And now I will have a post for July.
My "running on four hours of sleep in the last twenty-four" got a tiny boost, as I fell into a dead slump for about twenty minutes before tonight's production meeting. So, y'know, that means I'm okay to stay up and watch this foreign film about livestock.

Dear watermelon, I'm so glad you were still here waiting for me, as you're still beyond delicious (and we had way too much food at the retreat anyway).

Today I was able to see where I'll be officing in the new building and also had my first injury in the new building. For one, I wanted to write something on the walls (they aren't painted yet); for the other, I'm still icing my toe and will be in flip-flops for the foreseeable future.

Picture (not of my toe, as I'll spare you) to come, if I can ever get my tablet to comply.

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Hannah said...

Update at toe: nail now seems okay, though I think I'm still a little swollen underneath it. There's a smattering of bruises on the tip, which are more adorable than anything since they're so small.