Saturday, October 17, 2009

Timmy Hawks Rock Star Skating Shoes 5000...SHOES!

After listening to three differnt versions of "Little Shop of Horrors" over the past two days, I've come to the official opinion that my favorite is the movie soundtrack. Supporting Ellen Greene while filling my love of Rick Moranis? Hurrah!

And, Melissa? MORAL! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

I am now going to take a seven minute nap in my office with all the pillows from Secret Garden.


Travis said...

Ah, Rick Moranis...whatever happened to him?

Ah, Secret Garden pillows...I'm going to miss those.

Melissa said...

I'm laughing right now for two reasons, lets see if you can guess!!!

MORAL: Geeze I wonder! (wipping sandwich out of face)

Hannah said...

Mr. Moranis turned into a somewhat-country singer, and sounds better than one might think.(

Two of the pillows are going back to the shop, so you won't have to miss them too much.

Oh, Mr. Nails!