Friday, October 09, 2009

I could eat Panda Express orange chicken until I fell over (though the falling over would likely be caused by my own malnutrition).

I like how I didn't really have anything to say, and thus made my subject line what could've been a semi-paragraph.

Also, I'm apparently only good at chopsticks when I'm not trying to type at the same time. Who knew?


Travis said...

I got the orange chicken this time, too. *num-num*

Lissa said...

Oh I forgot to tell you that I am now the owner of a desk that has a hide away typewritter in it....Let that blow your mind! Also I did a bit of online stalking tonight ;)

Hannah said...

TYPEWRITER! (I am more than a little jealous.)

Also (to your also), I should not be surprised, as I did encourage such behavior.

Also-Also, did you know that I can get a plane ticket for under $250 leaving Dec. 23 and coming back Jan. 10? Clearly I should go call my parents.

Lissa said...

I am okay with your also also. That gives me time to get back and see you and give you random Hawaiian musical instruments (or something else) :)

Hannah said...


Why don't I just give you the password to this blog, and the rest of the entries can be the two of us talking about things that other people only vaguely understand? Think it over.

Love and sunshine, H

Melissa-Angelfish-Darling said...

That would amuse me greatly but we would probably have to talk more on the phone, although, we could always use the old fruit loop and toast standby.