Friday, March 26, 2010

It's Rex Manning Day!

(Actually, it's Dog the Bounty Hunter Day at the local Borders, but (1) I've wanted to watch Empire Records for several days now and just haven't taken the time, and (2) I don't really fit with the Dog crowd anyway, judging by the folks wandering around the store, killing time after picking up their book signing copy of his latest.)

I'd already promised myself an end-of-run present for the delightful PITLOWV, though the Miller performance went so well today was its own bonus. (Sidenote: if an actor is going to sweat out his mic pack, at least it allows me to be on both headset and crew walkie-talkie, live mixing mic sounds on the not-quite-quarter of a million dollars sound board. It's nice to have stage managment rock star moments to remind me that I do love what I do, long hours and all.) After spending nearly two hours there, some things to love about the local Borders:

* 40% off coupon in my inbox the same day I was going to buy something no matter what? Don't mind if I do.

* Live Flogging Molly? On sale? The only thing better was the cashier, who will be purchasing his own copy. Also, I should apparently listen to more of the Pogues and Dubliners.

* Hurrah for the last copy of Fantastic Mr. Fox, the actual reason I was in the store!

* Props to Steve and Mark, who told me to walk off with the mislabeled to $9 CD when I took it to them (with a properly labeled $19 one) in honor of Dog the Bounty Hunter Day. Congratulations, you two are the reason I bought an extra CD.

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abergstrom said...

You ARE a stage-manager Rock Star! Love you!!!