Friday, March 26, 2010

this is called "I couldn't sleep anymore, but I certainly wasn't getting out of bed yet"

Just one day left of the prairie, which is probably good for my sanity. If this company has taught me anything, it's that maybe I wouldn't enjoy stage managing the same show for twenty years. (Also, it's taught me how *not* to be able to call shows like a regular SM anymore, as I'm used to running lights and only calling sound....and then have a brain freeze whenever I get to call two things at once.)

If I wasn't going to (hopefully) spend the afternoon after today's show asleep somewhere in the theater, I'd write down everything helpful about taking a show to Miller. If I can save someone (not even myself, but someone) a bit of the stress I've had this week over how things were going to go down, that'd be lovely. Apparently the only thing I really retained in the two years since we were last at the outdoor theater are the faces of the two sound guys, where the dressing rooms are, and that stage hands enjoy sassing the stage manager. (One of these I knew before, since they also enjoy it when the stage manager sasses back.)

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abergstrom said...

You Rock! And this prairie will miss you!