Sunday, March 21, 2010

"Maria! Try and forget you're a stage manager for once!"

Why am I watching something on TV that I have on DVD? Becuase I don't have the energy to leave my couch for the bookshelf ten feet behind me. I had forgotten how much I love "Slings and Arrows." (Season Two, when the apprentice SM is reading all the stage directions, including "long pause," is hysterical because I used to be that person.)

My online account is telling me that I blew through my text messages through the month already. It reset two days ago. I guess it counts each text per receiver, and not the individual text itself? (That's okay, I'll eat the extra five dollars to upgrade in honor of Jaydan Zachson, 9lbs. 10oz. and his crazy complicated labor this weekend.)

(Incidentally, I seem to always be referring to him as "Jaydan Zachson, 9lbs. 10oz.," and I'm not sure why.)

Like (somewhat consistent) magic, it seems St. Luke's won't give up the Rotunda on the last weekend of February again....which should coincide with Oscars weekend once more.

Excuse while I [1] finish this season of Slings and Arrows (Season 2! Mackers!) and [2] finish a letter I've been putting off for two months.

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