Monday, January 23, 2012

going through last week's rehearsal notes

Why I'm Not An Actor (Reason
DIRECTOR: Want to go back and try that again?
ME: Oh, CRIPES, no!

* Director 1 talks with Director 2
* Director 1 announces Plan A
* SM agrees to Plan A
* Directors arrive at rehearsal
* SM tells Actors Plan A
* Director 1 tells Actors Plan B
* Actors get set for scene
* Director 2: "Is this C? Let's do Plan C."

There's nothing as awkward as one actor trying to vamp through a line that's supposed to be cut off by another actor...who is trying vainly to get her page turned.

Dear actor currently giving the costume designer copious ideas about what she will or will not wear for the show: please enjoy the equally copious stick pins that will be "accidentally" left in all of your costumes.


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This, too, shall pass, Tootsie.
Love, Mom

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