Wednesday, March 14, 2012

We're approaching the one year anniversary of my move. Yikers.

Last night I dreamed not only that I was in a booth, helping call a show (not the SM--just there as actually a rather pushy observer), but also then helped load-out the set into a large truck...which was somehow parked in the church hallway. Jeepers. And some of the staff isn't a fan of us *now,* when we do basic things like park outside.

However, this is part of why I can't motivate myself to do anything productive today. I've clearly already done a full day's work - it just happened to occur in my subconcious. (I imagine I'm not allowed to tally that on my company time sheet.)

Yesterday I checked out a book from the library, one that I'd been looking forward to reading from a Southern chick-lit author I like (no judging!) ... only to start reading it at the bus stop this morning and realize I'd already read it before. How did I forget a whole book in the space of a year? (I mean, beyond all the crazy....)

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checkoutliblady said...

Reading a book more than once is a good thing, says Mom, the librarian. Enjoy it again.