Friday, March 09, 2012

I refuse to wear the sleeves when snuggled in my slanket. I'd rather see myself in a large, leopard print robe.

(Sometimes it's good that I work in theater rather than a real office job.)

Two days ago I realized I couldn't remember which leg had the scar from minor surgery in high school. (Hey there, non-cancerous mole!) This drove me way crazier than it should've. (Fun fact: right leg)

I've decided to be my mother [hold for gasping] and play the year-long version of the license plate game. You could say this is because my version of the road trip is my daily bus ride. However, it's mostly because I keep seeing a Massachusetts plate in my area and I feel like I should take advantage of that score. Also, it goes along with my natural tendency to create lists ALL THE TIME, so that's a double score.

Related! Bands/Musicians/Pieces I would like to hear live (if, you know, I didn't always have to work)
* Flogging Molly (if this had been it's own post, the title would've lamented not seeing Flogging Molly, Celtic punk band extraordinaire, on St. Patrick's Day. AGAIN.)
* OK Go
* Stravinsky's "Firebird" (though I did sit in my office and listen to it live from Royal Albert Hall)
* The Bangles
* Dvorak's "New World Symphony" (which was scheduled the weekend Ike hit - and then reschedule opening weekend for a show I worked)
* The B-52s (Were at the zoo. I had to work.)
* Billy Joel
* Elton John
* Billy Joel and Elton John together, when they reunite to tour together *again*


David Shane said...

We're going to a Billy Joel concert next month put on by, um, the Lansing Symphony. Yeah, OK, the man himself won't actually be there.

Anonymous said...

You talk like playing the licence plate game is a bad thing. See how you feel when you find Hawaii!
Hannah's Mom

Travis said...

I saw a Tennessee license plate yesterday and I thought of you. (Keely thought of Tenika.)

Hannah said...

A Billy Joel by-way-of symphony concert sounds awesome, actually. (But this is from the girl with multiple strings albums of pop songs.)

I felt ridiculously superior to the world when I saw an Ontario plate breeze past the complex yesterday.