Wednesday, November 28, 2012

This is me feeling bad about not posting, and then turning into even more of an emo teenager than I already felt.

Hello, today I feel atrocious. I have a headache that has only gotten worse, and no amount of free chocolate left at my office door or videos of Adam Savage recreating movie props or interviews with new DW cast members have cut back on the general funk an all-day headache causes.

Happy things:
* I love reading the books I'm going to give away as family Christmas presents, as it makes me pick up things I wouldn't normally and then I don't have to make room for them on my shelf.

* New 30 Rock tomorrow!

* Christmas crafting

* Discovering there's a large variety of blueprints online to create a TARDIS out of LEGO. I like when geekery combines.


David Shane said...

Funny, I was just feeling bad about not checking my friend's blogs more often. We compliment each other perfectly!

Hannah said...

Hello, Mr. Shane! I hope you and Bec are doing well in my the much colder north!

David Shane said...

Well, we've got Canadian donuts as well as Canadian air, don't forget, so it isn't all bad.