Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I burned my pizza, but I'm eating it anyway.

* I can't stop listening to this same Macklemore and Ryan Lewis song, which is weird since I normally don't like rap music. Chances are though, if you've seen me with headphones on in the office over the past two weeks, I'm still listening to "Can't Hold Us."

* I have functional hot water in my tub again, which is notable if only because I no longer have to wash like it's 1812. (Thanks for the training, fort years.)

* Two other techies and I spoke to a group of eighth graders today about what we do and why techies are the real reason shows happen [at least, that's all I cared about]. I sold stage management, as I always do, as getting to tell people what to do. I hope that doesn't backfire on their show.

* Today I also looked up for review of the new Spice Girls based musical (they were less than zigga-zigga-ah), Oscar nomination short lists, and how long Allie and Noah were apart in "The Notebook." I promise I did work, also.

Excuse me while we practice dropping a tree on an actress. Theater life, how glamorous!

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checkoutliblady said...

Dropping a tree? Could this happen to first graders as well? I can give you names and point out students, if you want to make sure it is a Merry Christmas to me!
Hannah's Mom