Tuesday, January 01, 2013

life and things
* I don't know how many times I've seen the "Breaking the Magician's Code" specials, but I cannot NOT watch them whenever they're on. (Thanks, holiday marathons.) I think it's the snarky commentary - I *know* how we cut a gal in thirds, but I hadn't remembered the quips.

* Related fun fact: one of the specials covers the trick that broke my pinky toe a few summers ago.

* Seeing as it's now 3 p.m., I should try to be an adult and do real life things, such as finish unpacking from last week's trip, unload the dishwasher, and (only in my apartment) remove the heels from the bathtub after washing off mud. Instead I'm going down a rabbit hole of full broadway shows on youtube [yes, while watching the masked magician over-guesture] and steampunk crafts on blogs.

* I should maybe eat a full, real meal rather than the ridiculous amount of snacking I've been doing so far today. Bah, adulthood.

* Now all I really want to do is watch "The Prestige." Mmm, Hugh Jackman. (And Tesla. Don't forget Tesla.)

* The show is closed, there's a few weeks until auditions for the summer show, and I have chicken wings in the fridge. I think life it pretty grand.


Travis said...

I've had The Prestige from Netflix for about 9 months now. I should find that and watch it...

Melissa said...

We should have a phone date before you get too busy again. Also did Santa find you?

checkoutliblady said...

Santa did his job.
Santa's helper

Hannah said...

Santa DID find me! Thanks! (But NO thanks for the giant stocking ... which everyone else found very amusing, of course.)