Saturday, January 05, 2013

This is apparently post #2102. I always miss the milestones.

I should add a subtitle to this blog about how it's [nearly] always lists and be done with it.

* What really pushed me over the edge to returning that dress I bought on impulse right before Christmas? That'd be setting up an appointment for a technician to come out and realign my satellite dish after the wind tried to destroy it earlier this week ... and the cost being almost exactly what the dress cost. Between that and my shoulders looking weird, I'm now ahead $1.59.

* I'm now glad I have internet, as I'll be slowly streaming the new episode of Downton Abbey off the PBS website instead of watching it on the DVR tomorrow.

* Also, this is now me working from home Tuesday afternoon so I can be around during the four hours that someone *might* show up. Also-also, this is me not buying season six of Doctor Who this month. (Oh well. Most of it is on my DVR anyway.)

* Unrelated (as we always reach on these type posts): it's January, meaning it's my pre-Oscar movie bonanza season! Hurrah for not working a show slot right now, huh? (Though I promise that wasn't my thinking at the time. When we set the schedule, all I saw was the first chance to *not* do a show, even if that was after [... um ... nevermind, too depressing] shows in a row. Excuse me while I try to track down rumored short features and reupdate my Netflix queue. It's not like I have TV to watch anyway.


Hannah said...

Now it's #2096 since I went through my old drafts and deleted some things that were just blank posts. There's still time to miss it again!

Anonymous said...

Season six of Dr. Who, like this one?

Just asking?

Travis said...

Downton Abbey!

Hannah said...

Well, yes, Mother who is clearly birthday shopping already. (Though I was going to go the half[dot]com route and *not* spend $60.