Wednesday, August 26, 2015

I feel like I'm sucking at everything right now (hey there, tech week!), so here's a quick, incredibly random list of things that I *know* I'm good at:

- ignoring Ms. Fye's voice in my head when I end a sentence with a preposition

- that thing models do where they shrug a jacket off in a fluid motion to reveal the outfit underneath (it's with my robe and PJs in the morning, but still)

- alphabetizing

- scrambled eggs a la microwave

- rewriting my thought to fit within Twitter or texting character count

- not ignoring Fye's voice in my head and rewriting for better clarity after all, jeepers


will.ledesma said...

--making brownies

--obtaining banana chips

--keeping a straight face while sitting near me in rehearsals

--reminiscing on the long-past days of "four or five years ago" with

--inspiration for Treehouse Mysteries

--pencil sketch appreciation

--book recommendations

--providing support and/or candy for the overworked & underappreciated

--quote collecting

--you always have a pencil handy

--full on "yes we're adults but we're about to geek out about theme parks" sessions

--encouragement through actions

--roller derby

--Angie Titus Keatings




--visual mid-battle sound cues

--you can seriously rock a pair of heels when you want to

--not to mention a cape and some stopmin' boots



--thriller WHILE Ta-Daa'ing

Let me know if you need me to come up with some more :-)

Marcia Smith said...

Your smile makes me happy!